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Ensure your business meets the new fire safety regulations!

PB Safety have the expertise and competence to help you achieve and ensure compliance, enhance the safety of your premises or optimise your existing fire safety provisions.

We also know that often it is difficult to wade through the compliance and regulations and know just what relates to you and your premises. Let alone, how often things needed to be done and by whom, and what the consequences could be to you and your organisation.

Why you Need us

Protecting People, Property and Peace of Mind

It is simple really…. and a little scary.

With the significant changes to Health and Safety regulations around Fire Safety in October 2023, it is crucial that organisations, big and small, review their Fire Safety policies, plans, and procedures. There is a common misconception that these new legislations only apply to high-rise residential buildings; whilst there is a significant amount of change for these buildings, there are requirements for all buildings.

Failure to fulfil your legal obligations to ensure the safety of individuals in the event of a fire can result in enforcement action, including fines and custodial sentences.

Failure to have prepared and implemented in line with your legal obligations could result in the loss of life.

Check your insurance. It’s highly likely that if you haven’t met your legal obligations or kept up to date with changes in legislation, your insurance could be null and void.

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Female Firefighter In Helmet Holding Clipboard And Pen While Ta

How can we help?

Our Services

  • Commercial Premises Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Management Procedures
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Fire Safety Management Systems
  • Fire Strategy & Design
  • Installation and Maintenance of Fire Precautions
  • Fire Door Inspections
  • Fire Safety Training
If you are interested in talking to us more about supporting you with your fire safety responsibilities, then please get in contact. Email – or call – 01234 965225
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Resource Library

Are you fire safety compliant?

Ensuring your business complies with fire safety regulations is essential to safeguarding lives and avoiding severe legal repercussions. Download our handy one-page guide to understanding your fire safety obligations, outlining our fire safety solutions that will enable you to achieve compliance for your business.

Training & courses

Training and refresher courses are also an excellent way to assist with the requirements needed by employees to plan and comply with such matters. PB Safety Consultancy can provide this guidance and can provide a single supplier option that is bespoke and in line with your business needs.