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A better solution

Traditionally, at the end of a build, Safety Files are held either as a paper based set of files (which can often be in many volumes), or as one large electronic copy of the file, which has to be scanned by human eye to locate information about the project build.

INDURA Safety File Solution sets out to change this and make things easier for all concerned. Using the latest cloud based technology to maintain all the documentation in one secure location that delivers access at any time, on any device.

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The Solution

Avoid missing documents

Indura SFS helps you to manage the overall delivery. You can easily see the progress of every section helping to ensure everyone on your construction team meets their responsibilities. This ensures that all the expected contributions are included in the finished manual.

Structure the document according to need

Project initiation encourages a structured approach. All sections of the final delivery are identified in advance (according to the client’s needs) ensuring a manual that is fit for purpose, whilst allowing you to track the whole delivery to completion.

Keep all information together

All your documents are maintained on one secure repository. It can be accessed anytime from any device and if you need a new copy of a document, simply print it out.

Collaborative and compliant

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